Jill Lewis Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology

If you are having difficulty conceiving, reflexology can be a great natural therapy. Sub-fertility is a very stressful and highly emotional time and the calming effect of reflexology can help reduce stress. Anxiety can negatively affect your ability to conceive, whether it is caused by worrying about becoming pregnant, pressure from family members, stress in the workplace, or from a host of other factors in your life.

Reflexology is also great for balancing hormones, so I concentrate on the reproductive and endocrine (hormonal) systems, using specialised techniques to help encourage regular menstruation and promote ovulation.

Conventional medical treatment may also be considered to try and ascertain why a woman is having difficulty getting pregnant. Reflexology can work alongside conventional medicine, bringing about a sense of calmness and well-being, as well as balancing all of the body’s systems, all of which should aid conception. I am trained to work with clients undergoing IVF, ICSI and IUI.

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