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I feel like I've been rebooted after yesterday's session. Absolutely brilliant. I must schedule more sessions and treat it the same as getting my hair cut, it feels that important.


I would like to say a huge thank you for all the reflexology sessions I have received from you over the last 3 months! From the initial taster session and every session that followed, I have enjoyed each treatment. I recalled feeling tense, stress and having a racing. But as soon as you started treatment, I became STILL, I slowed down and actually experienced being in the present. I highly recommend your service to others. I used to have a body message but now I don't bother because I feel "your" reflexology very effective at getting me relaxed. You are highly professional and have a wonderful treatment room. Thank you again. See you next week.


I've been using Jill's reflexology skills now for a number of years, she provides a first class service, in a wonderful peaceful location that gives you the ability to switch off the world for an hour. I believe I have benefited both mentally and physically from the experiences and look forward to the appointments.


I just wanted to say thank you for the treatments you gave me before and during my pregnancy.
I really like the way that you are an incredibly knowledgeable reflexologist, with a superb grounding in the theory, but also really realistic about what reflexology might or might not be able to do.
As a working mother with little time to myself, I regard my reflexology treatments as "me" time. Sometimes I arrive wound up, tired and running on low; I always leave feeling relaxed and ready to face the world.
I'm also incredibly grateful for your support and advice before and during my pregnancy. You helped me feel relaxed, calm and feel more in control of my body and what it had to do to conceive, successfully carry and give birth to a healthy child.


I just wanted to say thank you for last night as my back pain has eased off a bit today - it has been over 2 1/2 weeks since my pain/discomfort has been this low!


I have been having Reflexology treatments from Jill for some time now. More frequent to start with as I enjoy it so much and needed to get myself balanced. I was quite stressed when I first went to her and had facial neuralgia and a blocked ear. During the first treatment my left ear bubbled and my ear unblocked. I felt a lot of pressure release from that area. I am now going back every few weeks for maintenance. We have a chat at the beginning of each session to review how I feel. Then I listen to the calming music while she works on my feet. Sometimes I fall asleep. I find it very beneficial all round and find she uses just the right pressure on my feet. I am so glad I found Jill.


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